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Upper ceiling of land allowed to be owned by person as landowner: Any person or his/her family may, as a landowner, own land within the following ceiling in the following area, not exceeding a total of 10 Bigaha.
All Terai regions including inner Terai -10 Bigaha
Kathmandu Valley -25 Ropani
All hilly regions except Kathmandu Valley -70 Ropani

While Buying property in your favorite area follow the following basic rules:
Visit at least 3 properties and look at the market price.
Meet real estate agents to get insights.
Ask legal documents to find out legal issues.
Ask Map of property to find proper road access.
Ask agents to negotiate the price of property.
Make a final offer and transfer property to your name.
Make sure you have signatures of all the possible previous owners in an amicable settlement paper.

For identification:
Two passport size photo of applicant/co-applicant
Photocopy of citizenship certificate and passports of the applicants
Photocopy of Tax/PAN/VAT certificate along with registration certificate

For proof of income:
Original Salary certificate

Stamp duty is paid by the home buyer/owner, who has the legal authority or holding of the property.

Stamp duty is paid by the home buyer/owner, who has the legal authority or holding of the property.

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It’s only Rs. 40,000/- or 0.15% of total property value, which ever is higher.

It’s Minimum 3% of total value of Property sold.

Vastu Shastra has always helped people to balance the energy of their home. The energy flow in the house greatly affects you and your loved ones well being. Vastu Shastra helps you to balance positive energy flow with the intricate construction or positioning of assets. Keeping the importance of Vastu Shastra in mind, here are a few tips to look for while constructing your house or for moving into the already built one.
According to Vastu Shastra, the main entrance of your house should face the north, east, or in the north-east direction.

Yes, but different banks have different time frames.

Tenure of home loan is different with different financial institutions, which starts from 8 to 35 yrs depending upon banking and financial institutions policy.

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