Post- Pandemic Safe Property Showing Guidelines

MAR 25,2021

“New Normal” are the buzzwords as we cycle around the crisis of global pandemic. The education system, various businesses, government, media, everyone is renewing their modalities to sustain and continue their values. In all this why should real estate follow the pre-COVID patterns and processes and remain static? Various new guidelines have been developed for realtors to cope and pivot the strategies with the new normal. Here are important safety guidelines the stakeholders of real estate are advised to follow when showing the property or doing any real-estate related activities.

First, let’s begin with do’s;
- Update the information on your advertisements. Include all the precautions like wearing a mask and personal protective equipment (PPE) suits when setting an appointment and strict visiting hours for an open house.

- Allow your agent to enter the property with only two guests or potential buyers

- The conversation or meeting between you and the real agent or the possible buyers should only be done after disinfecting the property and prioritizing the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE).

- Post a sign which is visible to the potential buyers about the hand wash/sanitizer, mask, and PPE suits (if available) before entering the property.

- Require all guests to wear face masks and gloves while showing the property.

- Plan a predefined route to follow while touring the property and keep distance allowing an ensure and safe interactions. 6 feet apart is the suggested distance between each individual.

- Place hand sanitizers in strategic locations throughout the house and minimize the need to touch the surfaces.

- Always record the information of the potential buyer and their property touring dates.

- Many realtors are relying on virtual showings. Evidence has even shown that virtual showings are 2.4 times more likely to be completed than in-person showings. If you don’t already have technology that enables you to conduct your leasing flow remotely, consider implementing digital tools sooner rather than later.

For the don'ts;

- If you, the real estate agents, or the potential buyer is having health issues and it is best suggested to not conduct any sort of meeting or appointments.

- Do not let too many potential buyers enter the property at the same time or simultaneously. Always organize a separate schedule for different appointments or visiting hours.

- Do not allow guests an extended time while touring the property, keep the appointments short and precise.

These steps can help reduce health risks and potential liability while property touring or showing to the clients and potential buyers. Currently, various kinds of gatherings are suggested to be limited, so following the above-mentioned preventive measures can help to continue leverage business processes and adapt to new normal.